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About Us: Definitive Safety Group

Definitive Safety Group was created for the non-tech and tech-savvy in mind. Definitive Safety Group is a digital platform designed as a hub to fulfill the career goals of those with aspirations of entering and maturing in the professional safety aspect of select industries. At DSG, we aim to engage our users through technology by presenting high quality, original, and current content. Our e-Learning platform is designed for our instructors to grow with students and foster a prestigious learning experiences.At DSG we believe that "Competence = Confidence"

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How We Provide Our Process

Multiple times and locations to fit your personal needs!

Our Plan is simple

  • Our exams are NSF and ANSI approved and proctored by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.
  • Students can receive instruction online via our E-Learning platform or in-person. COVID-19 regulations will be enforced according to the CDC for in-person training.
  • Students can customize packages to suit their needs.
  • Students have access to a student portal that will allow them to interact with student led chat groups.
  • Classes will be offered in Spanish and English. (Spanish Classes Coming Soon!!)
  • No courses in JULY 2022 consultaions will still be available.

Customer Service-centered

  • We have a 24/7 customer service team that is ready to assist with any questions and help students navigate our website.
  • We welcome student feedback to improve our service offerings. At the end of each course, student surveys will be available.

We are Innovative

  • We are always looking to grow and connect with our students through social media and other digital platforms.
  • By staying abreast of the newest technology, we aim to provide future offerings of our exam online in the comfort of our students’ homes.

Choose Your Package

Choose the package that best fits your schedule.

Student Feedback

We encourage all of our users to share experiences whether good or bad, so that we may stay consistent in the service we provide.