Navigating Cannabis Safety: Recent Recalls by California's Department of Cannabis Control

Navigating Cannabis Safety: Recent Recalls by California's Department of Cannabis Control

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, safety and compliance take center stage. The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) in California plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of consumers by issuing recalls for defective or potentially unsafe cannabis products. This blog sheds light on recent recalls, exploring the reasons behind them and the collaborative efforts between the DCC and cannabis businesses to maintain the integrity of the market.


Navigating Recalls:

Recalls come in two forms: Mandatory and Voluntary. Mandatory recalls are enacted when there is an immediate threat to human life or health, necessitating swift action by the DCC. Voluntary recalls, on the other hand, are initiated by cannabis businesses themselves when products are found to be adulterated or misbranded. The collaboration between licensees and the DCC ensures proper handling, notifications, and either remediation or destruction of the recalled products.


Recent Recalls:

1. Grizzly Peak Farms, LLC (Zoap Cannabis Flower)

  • License: C11-0000714-LIC
  • Recall Reason: Failed testing for the Category I pesticide, chlorfenapyr

2. Left Coast, LLC (Lil Leftys Premium Infused – 5 Mini Blunts, Maui Waui)

  • Licenses: CDPH-10004622 & C11-0001070-LIC
  • Recall Reason: Infused pre-rolls exceeded THC concentration limits

3. Last Minute Venture, LLC (Cannalean brand products)

  • License: CDPH-10004256
  • Recall Reason: Five tinctures labeled with an outdated government warning

4. RCW Manufacturing (Cann-brand products)

  • License: CDPH-10002341
  • Recall Reason: Certain batches of Cann-brand beverages experiencing over-pressurization

5. Lakewood Libations, Inc. (Cannabis Edible Beverages)

  • Licenses: CDPH-10004047; C11-0001390-LIC (DBA: Tinley’s Beverage Company)
  • Recall Reason: Voluntarily recalled due to a potential packaging defect

6. Metta Distribution (Cannabis Flower)

  • License: C11-0000090-LIC
  • Recall Reason: Voluntarily recalled due to Aspergillus contamination

7. Refined Xtraction (Hot sauce/edible)

  • License: C11-0001248-LIC, CDPH-10003050
  • Recall Reason: Voluntarily recalled as a prohibited product per DCC regulations



These recent recalls underscore the commitment of the DCC and cannabis businesses to prioritize consumer safety. As the industry matures, proactive measures such as recalls become essential in maintaining transparency and trust. By staying informed about these recalls, consumers can make empowered choices, and businesses can contribute to the collective effort to ensure a secure and compliant cannabis market.

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